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Beauty Tips


Use high quality shampoo, conditioner and reconstructive treatments regularly.

Truss has a complete product line suitable for every hair type.

Remember to thoroughly rinse all the shampoo from the hair and scalp before applying the conditioner or treatment. 

The leading cause of dry itchy scalp is from not rinsing the shampoo long enough and leaving a residue on the scalp.


Do not wash hair the day of your color service.

For clients who are sensitive to color on their scalp, gently massage the shampoo on the scalp a few days prior to your color service so the scalp does not get abraded.

Liscio and Brazilian Straighteners

Do not wash your hair the day of the treatment. There are special shampoos that are used for the process.

It is best to be gentle with the hair 2 - 7 days after the treatment, allowing the hair to completely neutralize and return back to its normal PH balance.

This means no ponytails, tucking behind the ears or clips.

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